Schultz Motorsports, founded in 2016, is an automotive company that provides high performance off-road, street parts and services. Our mission is to offer the highest quality of expertise and workmanship, while providing the leading products available within the industry. As we strive to maintain the highest standards within the industry, it is our goal that our customers receive the highest quality of work with leading products for the best value, to completion of their satisfaction.

Schultz Motorsports is formed by a talented team and knowledgable staff that share the same passions as our customers for all things off-road. It is with these passions as well as a devotion to the industry as a whole, that drives our commitment to our customers. Customer service is placed at the forefront of our work, enabling our customers to reach their goals with our services provided.

We pride ourselves in the quality of products, honest and competitive pricing, attention to detail and quality of work throughout installation. We therefore welcome customers to express questions or concerns throughout the operation of services.



At Schultz Motorsports, we offer a wide range of services to take your Jeep, Truck, SUV, or UTV to the next level.

We install all products we sell, and use the industries best fabrication tools to complete all custom projects. Our sales staff is on standby to assist you with any questions regarding the products that are available for your next project.


Style, weight and strength. We have the options and knowledge to help you get the perfect wheel for your ride and your kind of adventure.


If you are looking for the perfect hybrid tire, or an off-roading tread that will get you over any terrain, we have what you need.


Brighten your trail experience. Our wiring pros offer light bars, LEDs and more to be installed in-house.


Need to gain some clearance for your off-roading journeys? Schultz Motorsports has experienced staff ready to tackle your lift kit installation. Looking to get closer to the asphalt? We also offer lowering kits and installation.


Sometimes your vehicle can use that extra push. Extra power when towing. Performance parts can give your vehicle the style and strength you are looking for...

Performance Parts, Intakes, Exhaust systems, Programs, Tuners & more.


Off-roading isn’t just about having thick tread on your tires. Our shop stocks all the off-road accessories you could need to increase your vehicles driving ability and also keep you out on the trail longer.


Not every factory bought piece is going to make your vehicle what you want it to be. That’s why we offer custom fabrication. If you want to build out roll cages, bumpers or any other part of your vehicle, our experienced staff has the know-how and the vision to make your vehicle a reality.

Bumpers, Roll Cages, Prerunner Build, Chase-Truck and more.

Powder coating is available for the components that you want stand out in color or durable coating to help protect it from off-road elements.