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Schultz Motorsports is a Premium Retailer for all things off road. Schultz Motorsports is the leading name in the Coachella Valley’s off-road community. From running dunes to rock crawling, venturing local trails, our staff has both the parts and experience to take your vehicle to the next level. Using only top quality well-trusted brands, we strive to ensure that your ride is running at peak performance.

While great guts make a great vehicle, some visions can’t be realized through pre-fabricated parts. That’s why we offer a full range of custom services including in-house Design & Fabrication. Our team of automotive Craftsmen can make any dream a reality.

Not only does Schultz Motorsports provide excellent modifications for your vehicle, we also handle the basic stuff to keep your ride going strong. Our team of automotive technicians can handle your alignments, keeping your vehicle ready for any terrain. We also supply top-tier off-roading and all terrain tires so you will never be left wanting for the perfect addition to your vehicle.

Whether you are looking to make a couple upgrades, build out an entire vehicle or looking for someone you can trust with the important maintenance on your ride, Schultz Motorsports has the experience and training to keep you on the road, dirt, dune or asphalt.

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